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Charles Ruchelman and Niles Elber to Discuss Tax Controversies at National Conference

June 13, 2011
Speakers:Niles A. Elber, Charles M. Ruchelman
Program:Resolving IRS Tax Controversies, How to Prepare for Audits and Appeals, Resolve IRS Disputes, Mitigate Penalties and Understand Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods
Event Sponsor:Bloomberg BNA
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A two-day comprehensive overview with live group instruction on what the IRS is looking for on audit and dealing with IRS agents during tax audits. 

3:15 pm Penalty Issues and the Economic Substance Statute

  • Types of taxpayer penalties and exam development of penalty issues
  • Defenses to penalties
  • Preparer Penalties under Section 6694 - Circular 230
  • Economic Substance codification - basic elements and issues - penalty provisions

Speakers Charles M. Ruchelman & Niles A. Elber

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