Domestic Planning Work
Caplin & Drysdale
Domestic Planning Work

Caplin & Drysdale attorneys assist U.S. clients with their estate plans, always with an eye toward wealth preservation through tax efficiency. 

Representative Engagements

GRAT Planning:
 Caplin & Drysdale attorneys set up a GRAT to which mineral interests were contributed. The primary issue was the valuation of the property interests, which had not yet been explored and were subject to litigation. Caplin & Drysdale attorneys planned the transaction, then managed the appraisal process and the presentation of the issue on the gift tax return. 

Satisfying Charitable Objectives: Client owned a unique collection of assets. Client came to Caplin & Drysdale wanting to establish a museum to house his unique collection of assets upon his death. The collection would require specialized care. Working with attorneys in our exempt organization's practice, we provided for the creation of a private foundation under Client's will, to be established after Client's death by his personal representative. On behalf of the foundation, Caplin & Drysdale later negotiated for an established charitable organization to take possession of the collection, with detailed specifications as to the care to be provided. The collection is now accessible by the public. The private foundation continues to operate, advancing the charitable causes that were dear to the client. 
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