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Dianne Mehany to Speak at ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits Webinar

December 17, 2013
Panelist:Dianne C. Mehany
Program:Issue Spotting Across the Globe for Expatriate Executive Packages
Event Sponsor:American Bar Association, Joint Committee on Employee Benefits Webinar
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This panel discussion will cover various topics that arise in the cycle of employment of expats working in the US and US citizen expats working in other countries. In particular, the following topics will be addressed:
  • Recruiting issues (including background checks and privacy issues in non-US jurisdictions)
  • Multinational executive tax issues (911 foreign income exclusion for US taxpayers; tax equalization; social security totalization; common tax treaty issues)
  • Employment termination issues in and outside the US, from both a benefits perspective and employment perspective (including the intersection of the two)
  • Global equity plan issues
  • Performance management issues
  • Benefits issues relating to non-US expats working in the US and US expats working abroad (e.g., recurring and new benefit plan coverage issues; 409A issues; acquired rights doctrine in certain foreign jurisdictions)
  • FATCA issues that impact management of executive packages and policies

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