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Foundational Shifts in Political Law: Citizens United, Pay to Play and Lobbying Reform

June 8, 2010, 22nd Annual General Counsel Conference
Speaker:Trevor Potter

Date: June 8, 2010

Time: 4:45 PM EST

Program Description: This panel will discuss the recent dramatic trends in the laws governing campaign finance, government contracting and the regulation and disclosure of lobbying. Specific topics to be addressed include:

    • The impact of the Citizens United decision, both as it has directly impacted the rules on corporate political; expenditures and its broader implications for the legal regulation of politics and money going forward;
    • New developments on “pay to play” regulation from the Securities and Exchange Commission and in states and localities around the country, including a discussion of best practices in designing and implementing compliance programs;
    • Current rules on lobbying disclosure, and on prohibitions and limitations applicable to registered lobbyists, along with a discussion of potential changes and reforms in the near future.

Trevor Potter, Esq.
Former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission; Member
Caplin & Drysdale

David Kass
Assistant General Counsel

Deborah Shabecoff
Vice President and Associate General Counsel
Tudor Investment Corporation

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