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Daniel Rosenbaum to Present Audio Conference on Federal Employment Tax Oversight

August 13, 2009
Panelist:Daniel B. Rosenbaum
Program:Federal Employment Tax Oversight - Preparing for Heightened IRS Oversight
Event Sponsor:Strafford, Audio Conference

This seminar will explore the realities of the IRS' heightened scrutiny of corporate federal withholding tax compliance and offer best practices to improve a company's ongoing remittance of this tax. The panel will analyze these and other critical areas of employment tax oversight and compliance:

    • The reality of IRS investigations: What will it take for the Service to push a withholding tax matter into civil or criminal investigations?
    • The current tenor of audits: What kind of approach can your company expect from the IRS now?
    • The likely "red flags": What sort of classifications of employees and independent contractors, payment methods, etc. are likely to attract attention?
    • The priorities for improving withholding tax compliance: What should your company tax department do first?

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